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How Can We Help You?

Our strength is idea transformation.
That is, transforming YOUR ideas into reality, with a specialisation on communications and strategic planning.

We can help you to…

1. Get clear.
Brainstorm YOUR idea with us, so we can help bring it out of the creative womb and into reality,
so that you are crystal clear about what you want to achieve.

2. Get organised.
Create an achievable and strategic plan of action with us, so we can help you organise the resources you will require
and project manage your creative process where desirable.

3. Get going.

We motivate you, helping you to action your strategic plan by providing support services:
in the areas of publishing, marketing, branding and online business setup.

We do as much or as little as you require and can afford,
working within your personal and financial boundaries. 

Do You Want To Get More Value Out Of Your Intellectual Property?

We also help entrepreneurial authors to re-purpose their products, converting their books and blog posts into products that sell,
like keynote presentations, workshops, online training programs and other branded products.

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Congratulations to our client, Kath Mazzella OAM

With our help, Kath has just been awarded the 2018 Senior Australian of the Year (WA)!

Kath has been working with us over the past seven years to help her build her public profile so that she can reach a wider audience with her Gynaecological and Sexual Health Awareness message.

Kath now has over 14 awards and has just hit the national stage with this award.

The award has opened up opportunities for National coverage and hopefully will result in Kath being awarded the National Senior of the Year award in Canberra in 2018.

Kath’s first words after receiving the award:
“I want to thank Tony (Husband), Meagan (Daughter) and Hayley Solich, who without I wouldn’t be here now.”

Our words to Kath:
‘Congratulations, Kath!  You are so deserving and keep going!”

Congratulations to our client, Vikki Morgan

With our help, Vikki has achieved her dream of transforming her ideas into reality,
publishing her first book,
You, Money & Your Big Butt
AND becoming an Best Seller in two categories!

Vikki approached us when she got stuck at 10,000 words. We were able to help her to pull the wisdom out of her heart, to restructure her book and to fill in the blanks when they presented.

Vikki's first words to Hayley were:
"I wish I'd met you before I started."

Our words to Vikki:
"It has been amazing working with you and you did it!
Time to break open the bubbly and celebrate."

Whatever your project, we are willing to provide honest feedback.