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We help passionate people to write, publish and profit from their books with the maximum effect and the least amount of pain.

We use a three step approach...

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We also help entrepreneurial authors convert their books into products that sell like keynote presentations, workshops, online training programs and other branded products.

A word from CEO Hayley Solich

"They call me the Author Coach with Heart because I am as much about the personal development of the writer as I am about the mechanics of writing the book.

"People matter to me. They are vitally important. When you write a book it can be very cathartic but it can also bring up a lot of painful memories. I am committed to supporting each writer I work with through some of the difficult emotions that accompany this challenge such as, fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, personal challenges and the like.

"I know that when I wrote my book, 'Fat Girls Can Dance' I cried bucket loads of tears. It was a huge healing journey for me and I want to be there to support others through the process because there is a lot we can learn about ourselves on this journey.

"If you are considering writing your first book and telling your personal story I would love to work with you. I would love to share with you some processes that will save you a heap of time and effort and result in a much better structured book.

"I believe in every client I work with and it is vitally important that you choose the right Author Coach to help you get your book completed. So lets chat and see if we have synergy."